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Need New Parts For Your Trainer in a Bag?

If you've purchased our Trainer in a Bag product, then you're already in love with this awesome system to help you get in shape. They are portable, easy to install and use, and give a great whole-body workout. But sometimes the Trainer in a Bag sets go through so much use, that you'll have to [...]

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Slack Line Equipment: An Affordable Hobby

Sometimes starting a new hobby can cost you a fortune. You’ve got to purchase the equipment, and if you get whatever is cheapest you may end up frustrated and give up before you even get started. This is especially true of sports hobbies, where you may have to purchase pads, shoes, and various gear just [...]

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Ever Been To A Festival For Slack Lines?

If you are an enthusiastic of slack lines, you might have been to a slack line festival! This month saw one of the bigger slack line festivals in Canada. People gathered to participate in the sport and encouraged others to get involved. Slack line festivals seem to be much more popular in other parts of [...]

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A Variety of Quality Slack Line Equipment At Great Prices

Woss Enterprises carries a variety of slack line equipment so you can find the perfect set. In our selection of over two dozen sets, we carry 35' to 60' lines in all kinds of colors. Check out our 50' red slackline set with black tree straps. This set is perfect for beginner or experts. It [...]

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Trainer In a Bag is Perfect For Getting Fit!

Many people are hoping to lose weight and get fit, but finding time to get to the gym can be hard. Sometimes it's even harder to find the money in your tight budget to pay those monthly gym fees. Our Trainer In a Bag product line can help you! Our products line has a variety [...]

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Slack Lines Finding Homes in Parks Around the Country

Slack lines have received some press lately, even appearing on the popular television show Modern Family. Slack liners are seeking space in parks in Colorado and California to practice the sport. With the increased visibility to this fantastic sport, you might be seeking out equipment to install your own slack line in your backyard. Our [...]

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