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Take Your Suspension Straps With You For a Workout On the Go

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If you travel a lot for business or for fun you know just how easy it is for your workouts to suffer. Whether you’re staying in a hotel that doesn’t have a gym or you’re too jet-lagged or busy to get a workout in, it’s pretty common to blow it off and promise yourself that you’ll get back to it the next day or as soon as you get home. And we all know how that ends up — once you put it off for a few days it becomes far too easy to put it off for a few more and then a few more and then, all of a sudden it seems, you haven’t worked out for a month.

If that has happened to you one too many times, a suspension strap system from WOSS might be a perfect way for you to keep working out even when you’re on the road. The WOSS workout straps fitness system has been used by countless people from all walks of life — from business people to military and law enforcement personnel — who want to stay in shape without giving up a lot of room in their homes to accommodate workout machines. Check out what tons of people have already discovered — that WOSS workout strap fitness systems can help you make the gains you’ve always wanted.

How Do WOSS Suspension Straps Work?

WOSS suspension straps use resistance to help you get your workout in. The straps attach to a door and then you can do your exercises with them. It’s that simple. When you order from WOSS you receive the highest quality workout straps on the market. Made with military grade webbing and other extremely tough materials, WOSS suspension workout straps are designed to give you the most options in the smallest possible package. We have systems that work for every experience level and fitness goal. If you are looking for stable, two strap systems that allow you to do pullups and pushups and tons of other exercises, WOSS can help with that! If you want instable suspension workout systems that allow you to move dynamically in order to target certain muscles groups, we’ve got that covered, too!

There are a variety of ways to attach your suspension straps to a stable surface so you can do your workouts, from permanent solutions to on-the-go connection methods. With WOSS you can even do your workouts outdoors on those days that are just too nice to watch from inside.

What Are WOSS Workout Straps Good For?

The resistance training that you get from WOSS suspension straps is the same type of training that you get when you lift weights at the gym but instead of needing thousands of pounds of free weights, benches, and machines, WOSS workout straps let the weight of your body provide all the resistance you could ever need. Simply change the angle of the exercise you’re doing to lessen or increase the amount of resistance your muscles are up against. WOSS suspension workout systems also allow for a much larger number of exercises to be done than simple free weights could ever provide.

And lastly, WOSS workout straps are fun! You’ll be amazed at the versatility our suspension systems provide and how much you’ll find yourself smiling when you try out new exercises that work out long-neglected muscle groups.

If you’ve been looking for a way to maximize your workout time, or you need a way to make sure you keep working at your fitness goals even when you’re traveling for work or fun, WOSS suspension straps are the only way to go. With almost unlimited ways to exercise with our workout straps, you’ll never find yourself getting bored or running out of routines to try. Best of all? You can easily fit a WOSS system into your luggage so you can take it with you wherever you go! If you’re ready to get into shape without having to join a gym or spend thousands of dollars and sacrificing a lot of your free space to costly gym equipment, shop with WOSS today! With our suspension straps you’ll rediscover your love for fitness every time you use them, either at home or out of town!