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WOSS Home/Travel Trainers are perfect for those looking to take their workout to another level at home, outdoors or while traveling. This suspension exercise equipment is designed to give you the same great level of performance you would receive while working out at the gym, in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, at the office or in a hotel room while traveling. This at-home workout equipment is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. All WOSS Home/Travel Trainers come standard with comfortable Foam Handles, made of the Highest Quality and Built to Last. These resistance trainers make a great addition to any home, office or travel exercise program. Set-up for this suspension exercise equipment is easy and quick. These resistance trainers are suited for those weighing below 300lbs. This at-home workout equipment is perfect for beginners to advanced users!

Base your decision on where and how you intend to use the Trainer. All trainers in this category, except for the XT Trainer, are 1in Trainers. The webbing and hardware is 1in wide and these resistance trainers have the great advantage of being very compact and lightweight.